Friday, 27 May 2011


After a few changes, I have now decided on the roles that I will be assigning the rest of my team.  They are as follows:

Jamie Boswell- Head of Social Media

Tolno Attila- Head of Brand Partnerships

James Coull-  Head of PR

Gerome Oldfield- Media Planner

Ladji Conde- Head of Creative

I have given each of these team members some information to research, based on the roles I have given them and to produce 1 or 2 slides that present the research they have, in preparation for a Formative Pitch this Tuesday.  Here is how the slide show looks at present.

I am missing the PR and Brand Partnership slides as James and Attila have yet to send these to me.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Project Manager

Welcome to my personal blog for the E & E Group C Project.

For this project, we need to create an interactive video that promotes a piece of Interactive Video Creation software called Brainient.  We will need to consider how Brainient can be used, who our target audience are and how we will advertise and marked our interactive video project.

We have decided to demonstrate how Brainient can be used for educational purposes.  Our initial idea was to present a video depicting a certain era in history and the user is able to click on certain elements and certain people to learn more.  As the idea developed, we decided to go for something which was more entertaining but that still retained an element of education; and this was to have a concept of two warriors from different time eras fighting each other to see who is deadlier.  This is much like a programme called Deadliest Warrior.

Having a concept that has an element of entertainment will be good to attract users that may not have an interest in history at first.  This entertainment/education combination also opens up the opportunity for business partnerships with more highbrow history organisations (i.e. History Channel, British Museum, etc.)  This could mean that our project will be displaying the potential of Brainient, but will also be an entertaining promotion for educational organisations.

I have been assigned the role of Project Manager on this, so it is down to me to assign the roles of the other team members and then make sure that they understand the project and their role within that project.