Thursday, 9 June 2011

Response to Formative

The main criticism of our formative was that we stated the obvious a lot and that we needed to make our presentation more concise and focus more on pitching the idea rather than stating what we researched.  When I next meet with my group, I will ask them to make the following changes:

Ladji- He has the final call on the video content; therefore his part of the pitch will form the bulk of the presentation.  He will talk through the video and how the brainient content will work within the video

Attila- Brand Partnerships; she will need to find a small selection of factual broadcasters and educational organisations to partner up with

James- He needs to focus on just a small number of magazines to advertise within, such as National Geographic.  Sites like 4od and BBC Iplayer will be too expensive to advertise on and we would have more luck with more niche broadcasters

Gerome- He needs to focus on the appropriate websites to invest advertising into, like James.  So it would be web sites such as the History Channel web site

Jamie- He will need to create some social networking profiles and simply promote them in his part of our pitch.  He will create the links and then inform the viewers of how they can be accessed and what they may find on them

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